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The construction of roads leads to the realization of a continuous surface that allows vehicles to circulate. The problem is that normally you have to break through geographical obstacles and get a sufficient slope.

The existing problems in the different types of terrain: sandy, clayey, floodable, unstable, can be a great inconvenience when carrying out the construction project of a road.

Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” is a three-dimensional geosynthetic product made of polyester, which is installed in the base structures of the road embankment, forming part of the esplanade, improving the bearing capacity of the ground and the load capacity of the road. It can be installed in weak and swampy terrains, in icy soils, flood zones, wetlands, etc., allowing the construction of roads, highways, motorways, roads and all road infrastructures, in places with great problems, especially related to instability of the land.
It is a geosynthetic material, easy to transport and install, which is filled with mositure absorption material and compacted, forming a unique, reliable and durable structure that divides the soil into several layers. These mositure absorption materials do not need to have specific characteristics, being able to use the same existing materials found on-site, therefore reducing the costs of the project. This fact causes the reduction of the height of embankment, since it is not necessary to improve the existing terrain being almost indifferent to whether it is inadequate, tolerable, adequate or suitable terrain.
Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” uniformly distributes the point and vertical load throughout the base of the embankment, thus limiting the deformations by displacement of the land like the irregularities that may occur in it, reducing the formation of grooves and cracks.
Its high capacity of filtration and drainage, allows the retention and maintenance of the soil’s matrix; it also allows the enty and exit of water, avoiding the leaching of the material.

In short, our geosynthetic material significantly improves reliability of a road and its useful life, reducing expenses on road maintenance and repair.


In the photomontage you can observe the construction of a road in a sandy area with great problems that affect traffic. And you will ask yourself if it is possible to create a stable road in such area? Geoobolochka GeoFRAM is the solution for this problem.
First of all, we must flatten the base, and later add GeoFram with its set of three-dimensional structure. These structures will be placed sequentially and in order to maintain the shape of these structures and facilitate their filling, we will set a metal frame in them, which will be extracted once we have GeoFRAM filled with sand. One of the advantages is that we can use the same extracted sand for the base flattening many times, that will reduce our expenses.
Next, we begin to compact this created base, to achieve the compaction and its effectiveness, and depending on the thickness of the layer we will use either large compaction machines or manual vibratory compactors.
Once the base is compacted, we can already exploit the road, but we can also finish it by spreading gravel in the upper part or by asphalting the area.