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The fluvial processes of erosion, movement and sedimentation of the materials depend on the topography and flow of the river, among other factors.

The fluvial waters constitute the main erosive agent. These waters flow over the surface, eroding the materials through which they pass, dragging and sedimenting them in the lower parts of relief, in short, changing the landscape.

The biggest problem is that the erosion of the river banks can lead to the destruction of roads, towns, fields, and even the overflow of rivers, and the latter can cause economic disasters and even victims.

The erosive action of a river is due to the energy of the water, which releases the materials and is able to tear off even pieces of rock. Sand and gravels are usually dragged due to the irregularities that the riverbeds usually have. These sediments can even pollute potable water.

Two types of erosion must be taken into account, the lateral one that causes the widening of the river and the vertical that produces the deepening of the riverbed.

All rivers suffer lateral displacements, subject to erosion processes. To control erosion, detachments and displacements of material, it is required to carry out works that would fix the margins of rivers permanently, which ensure reinforcement and minimize irregularities, favoring the resistance of the perimeter.

The problem is that the defense of the banks of the rivers, with high resistance structures such as retaining walls, breakwaters or gabion walls, implies a high economic cost, so the coating of the slopes is the most important technique used in this case, highlighting the coating with various types of materials.

And following this line, we propose to reinforce slopes or hillsides of the riverbanks with our geosynthetic material GEO-container “GeoBAG”, which is an excellent solution to reduce erosive processes, increasing resistance of the margins. It is about applying geo-bags for the creation of soil walls reinforced with geosynthetics, in the same way that a breakwater wall, gabions or a jetty would act as a single structure, since the GEO-containers are linked to each other, increasing the stability of the walls avoiding the exposure of the materials to the erosive action, and, therefore, the detachment of the materials.

These are bag-like structures, made of polyester geosynthetic fabrics, which are more economical and easy to use, regardless of the resistance of the materials making up these edges to erosion and layer stability, for protection against erosion. This type of construction also includes the drainage capacity of the material and the content of soil particles.

Before the reconstruction

After the reconstruction