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The construction of an equestrian field involves a very important decision a priori, and it is the selection of the material to be used to build it. It must be an economic material that meets all the requirements necessary to ensure the protection of horses and the impact that climatic conditions may have on it.
Equestrian fields have a useful life closely linked to the materials with which it has been built, its use and maintenance.
The most important thing at the time of construction is to achieve uniformed, firm, but not soft soils (that do not sink with moisture), resistant to the footprints of horses (that do not wear out easily), with a thickness not very large (to facilitate the walking of the horse), flexible (thus reducing the horse’s effort and energy) and that does not create dust when dry.
We must also take into account the way horses move. These large animals walk on powerful limbs with U shaped hooves, which dig into the ground, and as they lift, they do it with a “spoon” effect, this is one of the main problems for the builder, as it causes the loss of materials from the top layer. So it is very important, in addition to the material with which equestrian fields are built with, the mositure absorption factor as well.
All these factors that need to be taken into account are related to installation costs and, above all, to reasonable maintenance.


The construction of equestrian fields with the use of Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” allows controlling the properties of shock absorption, favorably influencing the back, legs and ligaments of horses. Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” guarantees safe support avoiding injury to a horse.
GeoFRAM is a geosynthetic material that will be filled with several moisture absorbing materials creating a firm base with very good load capacity, which will provide the stability and permeability necessary for the proper functioning of an equestrian field, favoring water permeability and eliminating excess water, thanks to its excellent drainage properties, and avoiding the leaching of the arid material that is inside.
Our geosynthetic material is suitable for all the requirements for an equestrian field, besides considering other aspects, such as reduction of maintenance costs and work fullfilment. Geotextiles materials are easy to transport and install, which, after filling and sealing, will support the land forming a unique structure, that allows to increase the useful life and prolong the stability of the equestrian fields.


In the photomontage we can observe the construction of an equestrian field with the use of our geosynthetic material Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM”.

It is very common in traditional equestrian fields that the surfaces used for its construction does not have good drainage conditions and that is why water pools and muddy soils are formed. The laying of GeoFRAM on the ground, ensures good drainage, avoiding these situationes from happening.

For its installation, a thorough preparation of the base is not required. The GeoFRAM structures are placed on the base of the ground and filled with sand. Then it is compacted. And finally, we add the upper layer of sand or pebble, thus obtaining a reliable and durable riding field that guarantees excellent conditions for the horses.