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The coast is a part of a continent that borders the sea, specifically the strip of the land emerged with the submerged, with an unstable landscape changed by the processes of marine erosion due to waves and tides and other factors such as wind, climate, biological activity and human activity.

Tides and marine currents are the main factors of coastal formation, since they produce most of the energy that erodes, transports and deposits the sediments. With landslides on cliffs and sand dunes.

Coastal erosion is more frequent in areas with soft sediment such as beaches, which can be quite affected by waves and tides and suffer massive loss of sand. In short, coastal erosion is considered as the gradual disintegration and elimination of beaches.

Although it is a natural process, we must base ourselves on the fact that beaches constitute one of the main tourist attractions of an area and natural habitat, it is a serious problem both for the destruction of nearby existing buildings and aesthetic, since in addition to the loss of beach, it can mean the exposion of drainage pipe systems, so it requires constant maintenance that must be assumed by the competent bodies.

The most common solutions to avoid this problem are usually aimed at the construction of beach reinforcement structures, such as the planting of vegetation in the sand dunes, but this is not always possible and therefore it is necessary to resort to solutions of engineering, such as construction of artificial reefs or rock walls, but the problem is that they are not recommended for areas where the natural character of the land is important, since it can change the appearance. In addition, the construction of rock walls can be very laborious as well as expensive.

Here we propose as an alternative, to build these walls, but with the use of our geosynthetic materials, thus assuming greater ease in the fulfilment of works, in addition reducing costs and not entailing an environmental impact. Our material Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” is filled with the existing absorbent materials on-site, in this case the sand itself, on which you can even plant vegetation.