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Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM”

The goal of Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” is to ensure safe and durable operations of civil, transport, hydraulic, industrial and military infrastructures, even in the most complex conditions (weak, unstable, swampy terrain, flooded soil), as well as in the regions with extreme climate.


Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM”


Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” is a rectangular three-dimensional geosynthetic structure of 100% polyester.
It has excellent physical and mechanical characteristics: it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, salt water, sudden changes in temperature and other aggressive environments. It is durable and environmentally friendly. It has good drainage and filtration properties, lets water out, but the particles are moisture absorbent. DATA SHEET It is manufactured in two colours: grey and white.
To facilitate the filling of GeoFRAM, a metal housing is used. The filling can be done with different moisture absorption materials, depending on its function: sand, sand and gravel mix, gravel of medium and small grain size, and even existing absorbent material found on-site.

  • Division of the land in several layers, reducing the height of the embankment;
  • Formation of drainage layers;
  • Retention and maintenance of the soil matrix;
  • Prevention of filler material leaching;
  • Increase in the carrying capacity of the land;
  •  Allows uniform (equal) distribution of point and vertical load throughout the base of the embankment;
  • Reduction of embankment settlement irregularities caused by precipitation;
  •  Limitation of displacement deformations.
  • Transport infrastructures (construction of roads, motorways, roads, service roads, agricultural and forestry, airports, aerodromes, railways, heliports, rail links, tunnels, bridges, underground structures, parking, platforms, camping, etc.);
  • Construction of foundations and production platforms, of helipads, industrial bases, etc .;
  • Reinforcement and stabilization of soils, slopes, natural and artificial hillsides, ravines, access embankments to bridges;
  • Ecological retaining walls;
  • Hydraulic infrastructures (embankments, aqueducts, dykes, dams, canals, reservoirs, erosion control structures, beach reinforcement, coastal and fluvial zones, alluvial zones, solid and liquid waste dumps, etc .;
  • Security barriers and barriers to flood protection;
  • Sports and leisure fields (equestrian, golf, football, etc.).
  • Easy for installation and transportation;
  • Requires little preparation work for the base where Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” will be installed;
  • Ability to perform the installation in flooded land;
  • Saving in moisture absorption materials, normally, GeoFRAM is filled with the material available on site, thus reducing costs for material supply;
  • Reduces the height of the embankment;
  • Improves the performance of infrastructures, thus increasing the period of time between each conservation and repair operation;
  • Reduces the costs of construction, machinery, tools and workforce.