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Geoobolochka “GeoFRAM” PROSET



The Geocellular Structure “PROSET” is a flexible mosaic design formed by interconnected ribbons, with a determined sequence and reinforced with straps for fixing the structure to the ground surface.

Made with polyester and impregnated with PVC.

When folded, it constitutes a compact module, while extended, it represents a three-dimensional structure in the shape of a honeycomb with pre-established geometrical dimensions.
The fastening of PROSET is done with T-shaped or L-shaped anchors with reinforcement belts. The structures are connected to each other with U-shaped anchors.
Geocellular structure “PROSET” presents excellent physical and mechanical characteristics: it is durable and environmentally friendly, resistant to UV radiation, salt water and other aggressive environments and with sudden changes in temperature (-60ºC – + 70ºC). In addition, it has good filtration properties and keeps the filling material inside.


The Geocellular Structure “PROSET” is designed to improve the resistance, decrease the irregularity of the settlement of the embankments and ensure the secure fixation of inert materials in the construction of roads and stabilization of slopes and hillsides.

  • Increases the resistance of soil layers;
  • Increases the life and reliability of the structures;
  • Ensures a modern design of the structure;
  • Guarantees the durability of the structure in aggressive environmental conditions.
  • Strengthen and stabilize slopes, embankments, sinkholes, hillsides, ravines and embankments of bridges;
  • Retain and conserve solid soil, even in places with groundwater outlet;
  • Construction of road bases;
  • Make vegetable covers.
  • Reduces the costs of restoration and maintenance of the structures;
  •  Reduces transportation costs;
  • Reduces the volume of materials used in the construction of the structure;
  • Ease of transportation and installation.
  •  Possibility of installing vegetation mantle in the filling used in the cells.