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DESARROLLOS POLYTECHNOL is a company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative geosynthetic structures in order to solve the problems that may arise in the construction of infrastructure in civil works and buildings.Established by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and always available to provide technical advice to a client and thus find the most innovative and efficient solutions while choosing our products.

One of the main problems encountered when constructing is the instability of the soil, something very important to get reliable and durable structures.
Faced with this problem of unstable soils, the best solution to avoid the erosion of pavements is the stabilization of soils. Depending on the quality of the soil that we find, we will have to carry out one method of stabilization or another. The methods conventionally used to stabilize soils, such as chemical injection, freezing, electro-osmosis, among others, involve raising construction costs, providing limited effect.
As for simply compacted dirt roads, the main problem is the ease with which they are eroded by rain and other factors. The solution that is initially proposed as more economical is to replenish the gravel and sand, to level off and to compact the surface. But we know that this is a short-term solution that increases maintenance costs.


Our engineers have modified commonly used geotextile materials to design geosynthetic structures that solve all these problems of stabilization, improving reliability of structures and reducing costs of works, permitting us to forget about finding the most appropriate solution to improve the quality of that unstable soil, whether it is clay, flooded, marshy, etc. that we have and to achieve, with the use of our geosynthetic materials stabilize the soil creating a solid base, increasing resistance to deformation, its durability, its reliability, its drainage capacity and controlling erosion.


Our geosynthetic materials are the result of a multitude of tests and technical trials that managed to obtain the product that we finally offer. These are structures made of polyester, the material that gives great resistance to many aggressive factors, which, when used with the appropriate technology, also designed by our technical team, manage to give the solution to the problems of stabilization, erosion, among others.

The method adds many advantages over traditional methods:

  • To reduce construction costs from the first moment
  • They are easy transported materials.
  •  Easy installation, do not require exhaustive preparation of the base where they will be placed.
  • They do not have important demands on the moisture absorbing materials used for their filling, so that the existing absorbent can usually be used in the place.
  • They do not require maintenance.
  • They help to protect the sustainability of the environment.

All these advantages can make us think about the modification of our way of thinking with respect to what we normally do, and why not try a novel material that after all seems to be so advantageous and can revolutionize the future of construction?


Our goal is to be the company recognized as a world leader by professionals related to construction, achieving a new method to the traditional and inserting innovation in the construction, improving reliability and facilitating work.


With INNOVATION: it is the factor par excellence to create sustainable competitive advantages and the evolution of society, generating economic benefits. The development of new products and technologies that improve customer needs, one of our priorities.
With QUALITY: together with our products, which all have the CE mark, a mandatory requirement in the EU, which guarantees safety of the product, but as well as our customer service , whose satisfaction is one of our priority objectives.
With RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: materials that help environmental sustainability, without damaging the environment.